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Code: AN-S128-31
Product Details

All-In-One Highly Integrated Entertainment System

1、8‘’ Digital LCD with Smart Capacitive Pad Touch Screen Function--1024*600

2、Built-in FM/AM Tuner (NXP6686)

3、Android Auto

4、USB Compatible with MP3,AAC,FLAC,MP4,MKV,FLV, JPEG

5、Bluetooth - HandsFree, Phonebook, Recent Calls (Dialed, Missed, Received) Synchronize,

   Caller ID and Audio Stre

6、Built-in 40WX4 Power Amplifier

7、High Volt Pre-out (5V) with 5.1Channel output

8、Reverse Detection, Rear Camera Automatically Switch to display on Monitor

9、AUX IN(Rear) Connect and Playing Function

10、Automatic Antenna Control, Pre Amplifier Control

11、Video Out

12、Steering Remote Ready

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